In this video, aired on Current TV on April the 21th of 2010, the italian writer Roberto Saviano speaks about himself in an extraordinary private and emotional way, and he does that with a touching, autobiographical feeling.

The video is obviously in italian, and I don’t know if a version with english subtitles exists, or something.

By watching it, you got the feeling of being sit in the same room and right in front of him, and to listen to some of his very personal confessions, but also to some events that have marked his life forever, like the one on September the 23th of 2006, an event that could be considered the epicentre of the hurricane that has shaken his future.

Through the video you can perceive the sadness of a young guy who has seen all the elements for a simple and ordinary life being taken away from him, but you can also feel the complete absence of any possible regret for those actions that led to these consequences, which are perhaps definitive for his life.

The editing and the music used for the video set the right tone of intimacy, and they make it pleasant and smooth.

So, I provide it here for you to watch, in one of its YouTube versions in two parts of about 20 minutes each.

First part:

Second part:

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