The title Glamour And Glory is taken from the Tantric‘s song The One (“With all the glamour and glory, well, I’m not leaving don’t worry”), which is one of my favourites from the selection. But actually, all the songs here are amazing and full of energy, so, if you ever need a boost, press play and enjoy!

Here’s is the list of tracks in the podcast:

  1. Intro + Talk
  2. Fall To Pieces – Velvet Revolver
  3. Vindicated – Dashboard Confessional
  4. Break Me Down – Alter Bridge
  5. Someday – Nickelback
  6. Lie To Me – 12 Stones
  7. It Only Hurts – Default
  8. Take Me As I Am – Tonic
  9. At First Sight – Submersed
  10. The One (Clean Version) – Tantric
  11. It’s Not My Time – 3 Doors Down
  12. Phoenix With A Heartache – Kids In The Way
  13. Gifts And Curses – Yellowcard
  14. Light Up Ahead – Further Seems Forever