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For The Beauty Of Confusion is the first solo album from the former vocalist of Hooverphonic, Geike Arnaert, and it was out in October 2011.

I don’t know how much attention this first work of her actually drawn, but in my opinion it fairly deserves a bigger spotlight. Geike did an amazing job with this record by marrying her beautiful voice with a variety of charming downbeat tunes, and by making a very balanced and wise use of electronic elements.

For The Beauty Of Confusion feels quiet mature and sophisticated for a debut work of somebody who has been spending most of her career being a singer rather than a songwriter. One aspect that I appreciate when I listen to this album, is that even if each of the twelve songs have a different mood, they feel like they all belong together, forming a consistent whole that is wrapped up in a fluctuating mellow atmosphere.

Some of my favourites songs are Strange Disorder, the sensual Unlock, the theatrical Blinded, the delicate Night Time ’round Here, but also You Don’t Have To and the imposing This Page, which closes down the album with a dry cut at its very end.

So, should this record be put on the same shelf as Hooverphonic? I personally don’t think so, and considering the promising beginning, I hope Geike will sometimes deserve her own shelf, with many great albums to be put alongside this one.

Here’s the tracklist for For The Beauty Of Confusion:

  1. In Gold
  2. Icy
  3. Rope Dancer
  4. Strange Disorder
  5. 107 Windows
  6. Unlock
  7. Smile
  8. Blinded
  9. For The Beauty Of Confusion
  10. Night Time ’round Here
  11. You Don’t Have To
  12. This Page

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