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Delta Machine, the new album of Depeche Mode, was out on the 22th of March 2013, and even thought I found it hardly accessible at first, it’s really growing a lot on me right now.

I have to say that, generally, I am not really into electronica, but Depeche Mode always make an authentic and fascinating use of it, so in regard of that genre, they are an exception that I pretty much appreciate.

I know that when it comes to a Depeche Mode album, I usually don’t like the totality of the songs, but I always find some that I really fancy, so I’ve listened to Delta Machine trying to fast-filtering the songs that eventually I won’t dig, and to mentally mark up those that do have some impact on me, and the first one that I truly liked was the lead single, Heaven, which I find beautifully emotional and dramatic.

The next one to catch my appreciation was Broken, but after I let the album spinning for a while (or looping, I should say, since I sadly left the vinyl era behind), I actually hooked up on many other songs, like Angel and Secret To The End, for their subtle tension, or Alone, for its spacey and intriguing atmosphere. The second single, Soothe My Soul, is not bad at all either, and its chorus part feels very 80’s to me. Slow is also one of my favourites, together with Goodbye, the last song of the album.

Of course, Delta Machine was released also as a deluxe version (it seems to be the way to go, for the moment), which includes a bonus disc with 4 additional tracks that represent an harmonious extension of the album (I especially like Happens All The Time), so the studio session for this album produced a total of 17 songs.

Anyway, as with any Depeche Mode album, the peculiarity of the sound and the sophistication of the electronica elements of this record form again the perfect background on which the deep, clear voice of Dave Gahan can smoothly and comfortably move on, and the result is a balanced and joyful listening experience.

I didn’t read any reviews from fans or music magazines about this album yet, but I believe that Depeche Mode fans couldn’t be happier to get a consistent collection of songs from a band that keeps delivering some extraordinary music in their own style, without manifesting the need to re-invent themselves. Delta Machine is the confirmation of a great band that is still very prolific and above all, always genuine through their artistic expression. And believe me, it’s a grower, so don’t hesitate to set it on repeat for a while.

Here’s the tracklist for Delta Machine:

  1. Welcome To My World
  2. Angel
  3. Heaven
  4. Secret To The End
  5. My Little Universe
  6. Slow
  7. Broken
  8. The Child Inside
  9. Soft Touch/Raw Nerve
  10. Should Be Higher
  11. Alone
  12. Soothe My Soul
  13. Goodbye
  14. Long Time Lie (Bonus Disc)
  15. Happens All The Time (Bonus Disc)
  16. Always (Bonus Disc)
  17. All That’s Mine (Bonus Disc)

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